gamescapades is the personal blog public rant storage of Henrik Siljebråt.
gamescapades is a blog about life, games and my lovely adventures in both.
because life is a game.
a horrible and wonderful game. and then you die. remains to be seen if respawn is enabled.

This is me in hash tag form:
#neuroscience #videogames #ledzeppelin

I’m currently doing a PhD in Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence at Goldsmiths, University of London. To know more about my research and contact me regarding that, please see my research page.

Here are some selected reviews of this site:

“not totally horrendous”

I used Jekyll to create this site. I’ve also made the effort to not rely on any third party sites for any of the fonts or scripts. That should mean that any adblocker or similar plugin you have should show nothing has been blocked. It’s my personal belief that such efforts are good for the health of the interwebs.

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