see, they tell you it’s about privacy. and sure, a search engine that doesn’t track everything you do and cares about your privacy is great. but if you’ve ever used it you know that the results are not always great.

but you know what i just realized? duckduckgo is better in some ways because it doesnt always give you what you’re looking for. at this point, you can likely press “i’m lucky” in google because it’s so personalized that it knows what you mean, even before you know you need it.

not the case with duckduckgo. since the results are not always what you want, you may have to alter your query a few times. but if you look at the results, you can find weird things you find interesting that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. they may even give you new perspectives on things.

the old interwebs was better because this was the experience everyone had. now we’re all in our own information bubbles, never seeing anything unrelated to what we want.

but you can still get a feel for how we used to search, thanks to duckduckgo.